Jamain Publications Presents Child Author Elainia Wilkins

Nefretitim: Tonight we have child author Elainia Wilkins joining us. It is a pleasure having you here today. So I think everyone would be interested to know; what inspired you to write “Who Loves Me?” 

Elainia: Another child author; Namani Morant, made me believe I could write a book. 

Nefretitim: I see and how old are you? 

Elainia: I’m seven!

Nefretitim: That is very cool. I think you may inspire other children your age to write as well. Is this the first book that you’ve written? 

Elaina: Yes.

Nefretitim: Well what is “Who Loves Me” about? 

Elainia: “Who Loves Me” is about the people in my family that I love and how much they all love me. 

Nefretitim: Sounds like a page turner. Do you plan to write any more books? 

Elainai: Yes. I think I’ll write five more books.

Nefretitim: Well Elainia I look forward to reading them. What do you think you will be doing 10 years from now? 

Elainia: In ten years I’ll probably be getting ready to be a teacher.

Nefretitim: That sounds like a good plan. Well it has certainly been fun speaking with you, before you go is there any advice you have for other children your age?

Elainia: I would tell them that they can be anything they want. You just have to believe!

Nefretitim: Well said Ealinia. Thank you for the interview and I wish you much success on your book.